Those are my CDs.
Those are my books.
Those apples are big.
Those houses are big.
Those are my trousers.
Those photos are hers.
Whose shoes are those?
Those glasses suit you.
Those flowers have died.
Those houses are my uncle's.
Those were his actual words.
She looks odd in those clothes.
What did you do with those books?
She advised him to read those books.
He devoted himself to music in those days.
Both of those students didn't pass the test.
Back in those days, I loved to play checkers.
You should stick those pictures in your album.
I can't explain the difference between those two.
Actually, I didn't know anything about those plans.
I started a new blog. I'll do my best not to be one of those people who blogs a lot right at the start and then quits blogging.