I'm taller than you.
She's older than him.
She's older than Tom.
Easier said than done.
He's shorter than Tom.
She's taller than him.
Better late than never.
He's stronger than you.
She's smarter than him.
She's younger than him.
He is stronger than I am.
Ken runs faster than you.
He can run faster than me.
He swims better than I do.
I can run faster than Ken.
She runs faster than I do.
He's much younger than Tom.
My son is taller than I am.
Gold is heavier than silver.
He has more books than I do.
Ken has more books than you.
She's much happier than him.
She's much heavier than him.
He can run faster than I can.
He is taller than his father.
It is raining worse than ever.
They might be taller than you.
Tom is taller than his mother.
He is much older than he looks.
He is two years older than you.
He looks older than my brother.
She's two years older than him.
Actions speak louder than words.
I'd rather walk than take a bus.
Light travels faster than sound.
She is two years older than you.
She spent more money than usual.
I would rather starve than steal.
I'd rather be a bird than a fish.
She's two years younger than him.
Susan is two years older than me.
Tom likes tea better than coffee.
You're in better shape than I am.
Bill is two years older than I am.
He can sing better than any of us.
He is two inches taller than I am.
He's a little taller than you are.
He's two years older than Mary is.
Sam is two years younger than Tom.
Taking off is easier than landing.
This desk is better than that one.
Trains come more often than buses.
We walked more quickly than usual.
He bit off more than he could chew.
He has much more money than I have.
He's better at the piano than I am.
Jane became taller than her mother.
Susan is two years older than I am.
I had to wait more than three hours.
She needs him more than he needs her.
Ann loves chocolate more than anything.
His brother is more patient than he is.
I like white wine better than red wine.
She knew better than to argue with him.
He can play the piano better than I can.
I like white roses better than red ones.
I went to bed a little later than usual.
My brother is two years older than I am.
She knows better than to argue with him.
Tom knows better than to fight with you.
I finished the work in less than an hour.
Tom has less money than his brother does.
It's easier to teach children than adults.
Tom hasn't seen Mary for more than a year.
You'll get there in less than ten minutes.
Do you have more than one copy of this key?
I now view life differently than I used to.
My mother gets up earlier than anyone else.
She loves him now more than she did before.
He's very young. He's much younger than Tom.
Tom is three inches taller than his wife is.
Washing the car took longer than we expected.
She knew better than to tell him such a story.
Generally, women live 10 years longer than men.
Women usually live 10 years longer than men do.
You should spend more time studying than you do.
I can't believe that she is older than my mother.
I'd rather stay home than go out in this weather.
They chatted over coffee for more than two hours.
Tom plans to live in Boston for more than a year.
I don't like pizza any more than I like spaghetti.
We had less snow this winter than we had expected.
You should know better than to ask a lady her age.
I love to jog more than anything else in the world.
It's easier to teach children than to teach adults.
Tom intends to live in Boston for more than a year.
No sooner had Tom turned on the TV than the fuse blew.
I have been acquainted with her for more than 20 years.
She looks young, but actually she's older than you are.
She spends more time thinking about work than doing it.
You must keep in mind that she's much younger than you.
I think I like eating white rice better than brown rice.
I think it's unhealthy to eat more than 20 oranges a day.
She introduced her sister to him more than two years ago.
I think skateboards are usually cheaper than rollerblades.
The math homework proved to be easier than I had expected.
Tom and Mary have been married for more than thirty years.
Because I had a bad cold, I went to bed earlier than usual.
I'd rather clean my room than spend time doing my homework.
Instead of taking a rest, he worked much harder than usual.
Tired from the hard work, he went to bed earlier than usual.
I doubt that our new boss will be any worse than the old one.
It took more than a month to get over my cold, but I'm OK now.
No matter how hard I try, I can't do it any better than she can.
I think it'll take more than a year to finish building our house.
Generally speaking, women live longer than men by almost ten years.
It took me more than two hours to translate a few pages of English.
No sooner had it stopped raining than a beautiful rainbow appeared.
You often need to spend more time doing something than you anticipated.
The time women spend doing housework is now a lot less than it used to be.
I think it's unlikely that the next model will be any better than this one.
They say that girls spend more time worrying about how they look than boys do.
I'm skeptical when I hear someone claim to speak more than five languages fluently.
Some healthcare workers spend more time doing paperwork than taking care of patients.
Since I have no children, I have more time to spend doing volunteer work than parents do.
I don't quite believe it when I hear someone claim they can speak more than five languages fluently.
Getting your message across is much more important than trying to say it exactly like a native speaker would say it.
We should spend our time creating content for our website rather than wasting time worrying about minor cosmetic details.