He is nice.
Have a nice day.
It's a nice day.
Have a nice time.
Have a nice trip.
Nice to meet you.
Have a nice flight!
Have a nice weekend!
Have a nice weekend.
Have a nice vacation.
Tony's voice is nice.
Susie has a nice smile.
This carpet feels nice.
This flower smells nice.
She's wearing a nice hat.
Did you have a nice summer?
He became a nice young man.
I hope you had a nice trip.
It was nice and cool there.
She looks nice and healthy.
It is a nice view from here.
She gave him a nice present.
Your father seems very nice.
It was nice meeting you here.
How nice to see you again, Tom.
It's nice of you to see me off.
My father made me a nice lunch.
She gave me a nice pair of shoes.
I have a nice present to give you.
He found a nice apartment for Mary.
You look nice with your hair short.
She always says nice things about him.
Do you think tomorrow will be a nice day?
I didn't expect such a nice present from you.
There is a nice park in the center of the town.
Well, I'm afraid I must be leaving. I had a nice time.
These flowers aren't only beautiful, but they smell nice.
She always says nice things about him, especially when he's around.