It is new.
Who is he?
He is kind.
He is nice.
He is sick.
Is it free?
Is that it?
This is it.
Who is she?
He is lying.
He is smart.
How is Mary?
Life is fun.
She is kind.
Who is next?
He is French.
Is that true?
Is this love?
She is eight.
She is happy.
She is quiet.
That is mine.
What is that?
It is raining.
Love is blind.
She is a twin.
She is active.
She is crying.
The sun is up.
Tom is absent.
Whose is this?
He is a writer.
He is outgoing.
Is he Japanese?
Is she at home?
Is she married?
Is this French?
She is a nurse.
She is awkward.
She is out now.
Spring is here.
This is my car.
Where is Paris?
Dinner is ready.
He is a painter.
He is a teacher.
He is unmarried.
He is very kind.
How is your dad?
Is anybody home?
Is he a teacher?
Is he breathing?
Is she Japanese?
It is seven now.
It is up to you.
Jim is Canadian.
My father is in.
She is a beauty.
She is a runner.
She is graceful.
She is not tall.
That car is his.
That is a table.
That is his car.
The boy is kind.
The dog is dead.
The light is on.
The room is hot.
This is my book.
What time is it?
Who is that boy?
Who is that man?
Bob is my friend.
He is a kind boy.
He is her friend.
He is my brother.
He is still here.
Here is your dog.
Is everything OK?
Is he still here?
Is your dog mean?
My father is out.
My mother is out.
My nose is itchy.
My pulse is fast.
My pulse is slow.
Rome is in Italy.
She is a student.
She is a teacher.
She is beautiful.
She is mad at me.
She is obstinate.
She is on a diet.
She is very busy.
That car is hers.
That is a pencil.
The book is easy.
The car is ready.
The dog is dying.
The dog is white.
The food is cold.
The sky is clear.
This book is old.
Tom is a student.
Tom is very kind.
What is going on?
Where is my book?
Whose turn is it?
Your dog is here.
Christmas is soon.
He is about forty.
He is at his desk.
He is still alive.
He is still angry.
He is still young.
He is very honest.
He is watching TV.
Here is your book.
Is the bath clean?
Is the bath ready?
Is there a curfew?
Is this your bike?
Life is beautiful.
Life is enjoyable.
My father is tall.
She is aggressive.
She is attractive.
That boy is smart.
That house is big.
That is her house.
The river is wide.
There is no doubt.
This apple is bad.
This book is mine.
This is delicious.
This is my cousin.
Tom's face is red.
What is the story?
Where is my watch?
Where is Room 105?
Where is the pain?
Where is your cap?
Whose car is that?
Everything is fine.
He is about my age.
He is about thirty.
He is sure to come.
He is very careful.
Here is my bicycle.
His wife is French.
Is she coming, too?
Is she your sister?
Is something wrong?
Is this book yours?
It is a long story.
It is almost three.
Mary is a bookworm.
My nose is running.
My stomach is full.
She is from France.
She is helping him.
She is kind to him.
She is kissing him.
She is pigeon-toed.
She is really cute.
She is very pretty.
That is intriguing.
The baby is crying.
The damage is done.
The earth is round.
The ice is melting.
The sun is shining.
This book is heavy.
This book is yours.
This chair is ugly.
This is a hospital.
This is a road map.
This is all I know.
This is Mary's dog.
This is my bicycle.
This is my brother.
This is surprising.
This story is true.
Tom is a good cook.
Tom is rarely late.
What is Ken eating?
What is over there?
Where is your room?
Whose friend is he?
All I have is books.
Christmas is coming.
Everything is ready.
He is about my size.
He is taking a walk.
He is very handsome.
Is it far from here?
Is it Japanese food?
It is going to snow.
My sister is famous.
My wife is a doctor.