It's your book.
It's your move.
It's your turn.
Open your eyes.
Take your time.
Wash your face.
Clean your room.
Close your book.
Close your eyes.
How is your dad?
How's your cold?
Put your hat on.
Raise your hand.
Wash your hands.
Watch your step.
Here is your dog.
Hold your tongue!
How was your day?
Is your dog mean?
Make your choice.
What's your name?
Your dog is here.
Here is your book.
How's your mother?
How's your sister?
Is this your bike?
Mind your manners.
Put your hands up!
Take off your cap.
Where is your cap?
Does your dog bite?
How was your night?
I need your advice.
I'm twice your age.
Is she your sister?
Slip on your shoes.
Where is your room?
Change your clothes.
How was your summer?
Keep your eyes open.
Put your books away.
Shut your big mouth.
Try to act your age.
Your father is tall.
Do you look your age?
Do your homework now.
Don't open your book.
Don't push your luck.
Don't shut your eyes.
Go back to your seat.
He is about your age.
How was your weekend?
Keep your room clean.
May I have your name?
Open your mouth wide.
What is your address?
Where is your father?
Where is your school?
Your answer is wrong.
Your dog is very big.
Your nose is running.
Your pulse is normal.
Could I use your desk?
Did you get your wish?
I admire your courage.
Is it near your house?
Is your watch correct?
May I borrow your car?
May I use your toilet?
None of your business.
Turn in your homework.
When is your birthday?
You must do your best.
Your hair is too long.
Don't lose your temper.
Don't waste your money.
How did your speech go?
How old is your father?
How was your afternoon?
I don't see your point.
Is your mother at home?
Lie on your right side.
Open your eyes, please.
What's your speciality?
Where are your manners?
Bring along your friend.
Close your eyes, please.
Could I use your pencil?
Did you clean your room?
Do you talk to your dog?
Don't forget your stuff.
Don't waste your breath.
I appreciated your help.
I'll come to your place.
Is your father a doctor?
Is your husband at home?
We appreciate your help.
Write your address here.
You dropped your pencil.
Your house is fantastic.
Are you losing your mind?
Did I hurt your feelings?
Did you do your homework?
Do you talk to your cats?
Don't forget your things.
Get your things together.
I agree to your proposal.
Is your father a teacher?
May I use your car today?
What does your father do?
What's your home address?
Your book is on the desk.
Be polite to your parents.
Go and sit by your father.
I agree with your opinion.
I appreciate your concern.
I want to see your mother.
I will act on your advice.
Say hello to your friends.
Thank you for your letter.
What do you feed your dog?
Write down your name here.
You've given me your cold.
Your letter made me happy.
Your watch is on the desk.
Do you talk to your plants?
He looks like your brother.
I forgot your phone number.
Is your uncle still abroad?
It's just your imagination.
Lie down on your left side.
Stay calm and do your best.
This is your hat, isn't it?
What's your favorite sport?
Would you lend me your pen?
Your dreams have come true.
Are you happy in your house?
Are you sure of your answer?
Did you do this on your own?
Do your homework right away.
I'd like to join your group.
I'd like to see your sister.
May I look at your passport?
Thanks for your explanation.
What are your weekend plans?
What's your daughter's name?
What's your native language?
Where are your credit cards?
Will you show me your album?
Write your name in capitals.
Your father seems very nice.
Are you close to your family?
Are you proud of your father?
Do your best and don't worry.
Don't forget your ice skates.
Don't let your feelings show.
Have you ever dyed your hair?
How do you like your new job?
How would you like your eggs?
I am familiar with your name.
I don't care about your past.
May I have your name, please?
Please fasten your seat belt.
Please go on with your story.
There is a hole in your sock.
We appreciate your hard work.
We are in favor of your plan.
What do you have in your bag?
What grade is your sister in?
What's your favorite pastime?
When is your book coming out?
Who is your favorite TV star?
Who will look after your dog?
Why are you drying your hair?
Will you sell your car to me?
You must keep your room tidy.
You should obey your parents.
Did you accomplish your goals?
Don't leave your stuff behind.
Give me your telephone number.
Have you eaten your lunch yet?
How do you want your hair cut?
How much do you feed your dog?
I admire you for your courage.
I am happy to hear your voice.
I know that you did your best.
I know your brother very well.
May all your dreams come true!
Thank you for your invitation.
Which of them is your brother?
You must keep your room clean.
Your answer differs from mine.
Your collar has a stain on it.
Are you happy with your weight?
Compare your answer with Tom's.
How do you like your beef stew?
How do you like your eggs done?
How do you like your new class?
I forget your telephone number.
Let me hear your frank opinion.