I saw him.
I like him.
She bit him.
She hit him.
She sued him.
She hated him.
She hates him.
She helps him.
She hired him.
She likes him.
She loves him.
She obeys him.
She wants him.
Give it to him.
I'm behind him.
She adores him.
She called him.
She choked him.
She dumped him.
She fooled him.
She helped him.
She hugged him.
She kicked him.
She kissed him.
She misses him.
She teased him.
Do you know him?
I called him up.
Please call him.
She admired him.
She forgave him.
She married him.
She pinched him.
She stabbed him.
She tempted him.
She tied him up.
She woke him up.
Don't oppose him.
I believe in him.
I don't know him.
I made him do so.
Please phone him.
She attacked him.
She defeated him.
She despised him.
She despises him.
She disliked him.
She divorced him.
She hit him hard.
She idolized him.
She insulted him.
She rejected him.
She repulses him.
She startled him.
She stood by him.
She worships him.
We disturbed him.
I can't stand him.
I gave him a book.
I owe him 100 yen.
I owe him my life.
I saw him running.
She cooks for him.
She heard him cry.
She made him rich.
She smiled at him.
She threw him out.
She went with him.
You can trust him.
Did you invite him?
Everyone loves him.
I answered for him.
I heard him go out.
I told him to come.
I've never met him.
She gave it to him.
She heard him sing.
She invited him in.
She is helping him.
She is kind to him.
She is kissing him.
She listens to him.
She lives with him.
She made him do it.
She made him happy.
She pointed at him.
She threatened him.
We found him alive.
Everybody likes him.
Everybody loves him.
I met him by chance.
I remember him well.
She agreed with him.
She blackmailed him.
She danced with him.
She didn't like him.
She gave him a book.
She hit me, not him.
She kicked him hard.
She sat next to him.
She still loves him.
She told him a joke.
She understands him.
She watched him eat.
We will let him try.
You can rely on him.
I don't care for him.
I expect him to come.
I know him very well.
I paid him the money.
I will never see him.
Please telephone him.
She bought him a car.
She bought him a dog.
She found him a seat.
She got him to drive.
She has forgiven him.
She heard him scream.
She held him tightly.
She knelt beside him.
She missed him a lot.
She sold him her car.
She told him her age.
She told him to stop.
She took pity on him.
She used to date him.
She used to hate him.
She used to love him.
She wants to hug him.
She watched him swim.
She's older than him.
Tom knocked him down.
You can count on him.
I am no match for him.
I can hardly hear him.
I gave him my address.
I gave my cold to him.
She beat him to death.
She called him a liar.
She followed him home.
She got him a new hat.
She handed him a book.
She hated him so much.
She is engaged to him.
She is related to him.
She isn't kind to him.
She named him Charles.
She told him to study.
She wants to kiss him.
She was kissed by him.
She watched him dance.
She's taller than him.
Did you see him go out?
Don't let him touch it.
I don't agree with him.
I gave him a few books.
I had him fix my watch.
I sat down next to him.
I saw him running away.
I saw him wash the car.
I trust him completely.
Let him do as he likes.
Please give him a call.
She begged him to stay.
She found him handsome.
She gave him a present.
She gave him a sweater.
She gave him some food.
She got engaged to him.
She got married to him.
She handed him the key.
She has never seen him.
She herself helped him.
She is cooking for him.
She kissed me, not him.
She knit him a sweater.
She stood close to him.
She's smarter than him.
She's younger than him.
You ought to thank him.
Have you heard from him?
He asked us to help him.
I am disgusted with him.
I don't see much of him.
I gave him a gold watch.
I met him the other day.
I paid him four dollars.
I saw him looking at me.
She asked him questions.
She bought him a camera.
She bought him a ticket.
She forced him to do it.
She forgot to write him.
She ignored him all day.
She is blackmailing him.
She is in love with him.
She is listening to him.
She liked him right off.
She made a bet with him.
She made him a new coat.