This is a hospital.
She's in the hospital now.
The hospital is near here.
Mary arrived at the hospital.
Tom is still in the hospital.
She took a taxi to the hospital.
My mother is in the hospital now.
She went to the hospital by taxi.
She will leave the hospital soon.
Do I have to stay in the hospital?
She went to the hospital yesterday.
She advised him to go to the hospital.
We took him to the hospital right away.
She went to see him in the hospital every day.
She insisted that he should go to the hospital.
She advised him to go to the hospital, but he didn't follow her advice.
I didn't know that you were sick, so I didn't visit you in the hospital.
If I had known about your illness, I could have visited you in the hospital.
Tom broke his right leg and was taken to hospital a few weeks before Christmas.