I moved last month.
I'll see you next month.
We are moving next month.
I was in London last month.
I'll be very busy next month.
He gets a haircut once a month.
How much is the rent per month?
I changed my address last month.
I go to the movies once a month.
He has his hair cut once a month.
He gets his hair cut once a month.
I hear from my mother every month.
I write to my mother once a month.
There were two murders this month.
How many books do you read a month?
I forgot that I met her last month.
Her older sister got married last month.
Mary is going to have a baby next month.
He plays golf two or three times a month.
I can't live on ten thousand yen a month.
My mother has been sick since last month.
Our teacher will go to the USA next month.
It's impossible to learn English in a month.
I hear she is going to get married next month.
Within one month of going abroad, he became sick.
Jack and Betty have been going steady for a month.
Please turn in the report by the end of the month.
It took more than a month to get over my cold, but I'm OK now.
I think it's unlikely that the next version of Windows will come out before the end of this month.