I can run.
I can ski.
Can I help?
I can swim.
He can come.
I can't say.
Can you come?
Mary can swim.
She can skate.
Can I eat this?
Can I help you?
Can you find it?
Can you help me?
I can sing well.
I can't hear it.
No one can tell.
When can we eat?
I can't hear you.
I can't remember.
I can't see well.
May I open a can?
Tom can run fast.
Can you handle it?
I can hardly swim.
I can play tennis.
I can't stand him.
She can jump high.
Tony can run fast.
You can trust him.
You can't miss it.
Can I see that one?
He can't buy a car.
I can't follow you.
I can't sleep well.
Nobody can stop me!
You can study here.
Can you answer this?
Can you drive a car?
He can be relied on.
He can play a flute.
Mary can dance well.
She can drive a car.
This bird can't fly.
You can go home now.
You can rely on her.
You can rely on him.
Ann can't find a job.
Can he speak English?
Can I turn on the TV?
Can you speak French?
He can be counted on.
I can't see anything.
My mother can't come.
She can speak French.
You can count on her.
You can count on him.
You can't be serious.
Can I leave a message?
Can I turn off the TV?
Can you keep a secret?
He can read and write.
He can speak Japanese.
He can swim very fast.
I can hardly hear him.
I can't find my watch.
I can't stop sneezing.
Nobody can control us.
Tom can't play tennis.
Can we talk in private?
Can you lend me a dime?
Can you play the piano?
Can you ride a bicycle?
Can you sing this song?
Can you use a computer?
He can play the guitar.
I can't agree with you.
I can't drink any more.
I can't stand the cold.
I know you can make it.
My son can't count yet.
She can sing very well.
She can speak Japanese.
The news can't be true.
They can speak Spanish.
Try as hard as you can.
Where can I get a taxi?
You can read this book.
Can I eat my lunch here?
Can I use a credit card?
Can you swim underwater?
Can't you speak English?
Debbie! Can you hear me?
He can swim like a fish.
I can't help doing that.
I can't keep doing this.
I can't stand this pain.
Mary can speak Japanese.
You can put it anywhere.
You can't buy happiness.
Can I pay by credit card?
Can I try on this jacket?
Can't you hear the sound?
He can also speak French.
I can't afford a new car.
I can't live without you.
I'll do everything I can.
Is it OK if I open a can?
Where can I buy a ticket?
Where can I get a ticket?
You can ask Tom for help.
You can dance, can't you?
Beggars can't be choosers.
Can you mail these for me?
Can you make the deadline?
Can you pay me in advance?
Can you reach the ceiling?
Even I can't believe that.
Happiness can't be bought.
He can also speak Russian.
He can run faster than me.
He can speak 10 languages.
He can speak Russian, too.
I can run faster than Ken.
I can swim as well as you.
I can't explain it either.
I can't live without a TV.
I can't remember his name.
I can't think of his name.
That fact can't be denied.
You can go if you want to.
Anybody can make a mistake.
Can I have a word with you?
Can she endure a long trip?
Can you answer this riddle?
Can you see the difference?
He can read English easily.
He's a man you can rely on.
I can imagine how you felt.
I can't possibly manage it.
I can't solve this problem.
I'm glad that you can come.
Lightning can be dangerous.
Tom can do this work alone.
Where can I get my baggage?
You can go there in a boat.
Can I have something to eat?
He can pull strings for you.
I can swim across the river.
I can't tell you everything.
Where can I find toothpaste?
You can always count on Tom.
You can't count on his help.
You can't have it both ways.
Can you get the door to shut?
Can you see that small house?
He can run faster than I can.
He can speak Russian as well.
How can I get to the station?
I can do it in half the time.
I can speak English a little.
I can't allow you to do that.
I can't speak English at all.
I'm sorry, I can't stay long.
My sister can swim very fast.
This can't be a real diamond.
When can I see you next time?
Where can I cheek my baggage?
Which credit cards can I use?
You can easily find the bank.
You can go anywhere you want.
You can't live without water.
Can I carry this on the plane?
Can I speak to the head nurse?
How long can I keep this book?
I can walk at least two miles.
We can see many stars tonight.
Where can we get what we want?
You can't imagine it, can you?
Can you gift-wrap this, please?
Can you swim as fast as he can?
Can't you discount it a little?
Can't you guess what I'm doing?
He can scarcely write his name.
He can't tell right from wrong.
I can afford one, but not both.
I can't get away from work now.
I can't get her out of my mind.
I can't hide the fact from you.
I can't live that kind of life.
I can't make out what she said.
I can't put up with that noise.
I can't stand this hot weather.
I'll help you as much as I can.
We can see Mt. Fuji over there.
Where can I pick up my baggage?
Why can't I sing like they can?
You can't stay in here all day.
Can you see anything over there?
David can speak French fluently.
How can I get in touch with you?