Leave it to me.
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone.
I must leave now.
Let's leave early.
Leave my car alone.
I have to leave now.
We must leave early.
When will you leave?
We're ready to leave.
Can I leave a message?
Don't leave the TV on.
Leave my camera alone.
Let's leave her alone.
She is about to leave.
I'll leave that to you.
Let's leave it at that.
They're about to leave.
I'll leave it up to you.
I am about to leave here.
Let's leave it up to him.
Leave me a message, please.
We are about to leave here.
Don't leave it up to chance.
I'll leave this work to you.
When are you going to leave?
I asked him to leave at once.
I told him to leave the room.
Will the train leave on time?
Don't leave your stuff behind.
Which airport do I leave from?
I'll leave when she comes back.
May I leave this book with you?
She expected him to leave town.
Why do you want to leave today?
He is about to leave for London.
Let's leave the decision to Tom.
She advised him to leave earlier.
She will leave the hospital soon.
When did she leave the classroom?
I think it's time for me to leave.
She pleaded with him to not leave.
What time do you leave for school?
I promise you I'll never leave you.
She'd like him to leave right away.
What time does the next train leave?
I promise you I won't ever leave you.
What time does the first train leave?
I think it's time for me to leave now.
She didn't want him to leave the room.
I don't know when Tom will leave Japan.
I plan to leave Boston as soon as I can.
Go say goodbye to them before they leave.
I was about to leave when you telephoned.
Please plan to leave between 6:00 and 7:00.
What time is your plane scheduled to leave?
I'm going to leave about ten in the morning.
He saw Tom leave before the job was finished.
I think it's time for me to leave for school.
Tom doesn't know when Mary will leave Boston.
I didn't know he had decided to leave his job.
If you find a mistake, please leave a comment.
You should plan to leave between 6:00 and 7:00.
I have got to leave here early tomorrow morning.
We had better leave her alone for a few minutes.
We were just about to leave when she telephoned.
Let's leave things as they are until he comes back.
She handed him his jacket then opened the door and asked him to leave.
If you leave your textbooks at school during the break, they'll get confiscated.
From personal experience, I know that any encounter with him will leave a bad taste in your mouth.