She smiled.
Who is she?
She bit him.
She hit him.
She is kind.
She is eight.
She is happy.
She is quiet.
She knows me.
She may come.
She sued him.
She went out.
She avoids me.
She bent down.
She came last.
She can skate.
She got angry.
She hated him.
She hates him.
She helps him.
She hired him.
She is a twin.
She is active.
She is crying.
She likes him.
She looks sad.
She loves him.
She loves Tom.
She obeys him.
She wants him.
She was brave.
She went home.
She's my type.
Will she come?
Is she at home?
Is she married?
She adores him.
She called him.
She came alone.
She choked him.
She dumped him.
She fooled him.
She grew roses.
She helped him.
She hugged him.
She is a nurse.
She is awkward.
She is out now.
She kicked him.
She kissed him.
She looked sad.
She loves cats.
She might come.
She misses him.
She seems rich.
She shot a gun.
She sings well.
She teased him.
She went blind.
Is she Japanese?
She admired him.
She forgave him.
She got up late.
She is a beauty.
She is a runner.
She is graceful.
She is not tall.
She looked away.
She looks happy.
She looks young.
She married him.
She pinched him.
She stabbed him.
She tempted him.
She tied him up.
She went inside.
She woke him up.
She worked hard.
She's assertive.
She attacked him.
She became happy.
She began crying.
She defeated him.
She despised him.
She despises him.
She disliked him.
She divorced him.
She has gone out.
She hit him hard.
She idolized him.
She insulted him.
She is a student.
She is a teacher.
She is beautiful.
She is mad at me.
She is obstinate.
She is on a diet.
She is very busy.
She kept working.
She likes to run.
She looked at me.
She lost her way.
She may not come.
She must be sick.
She rejected him.
She repulses him.
She said goodbye.
She stared at me.
She startled him.
She stood by him.
She studies hard.
She took my hand.
She was promoted.
She worships him.
What did she say?
Does she know you?
She began to sing.
She can jump high.
She cooks for him.
She decided to go.
She didn't go far.
She has a picture.
She has blue eyes.
She has long hair.
She hates running.
She heard him cry.
She is aggressive.
She is attractive.
She isn't married.
She isn't running.
She likes oranges.
She looked around.
She looked lonely.
She looks unhappy.
She made him rich.
She made me hurry.
She married young.
She must be angry.
She smiled at him.
She threw him out.
She was very busy.
She went shopping.
She went with him.
She's got a point.
She's in the bath.
When was she born?
Is she coming, too?
Is she your sister?
She almost drowned.
She ate her dinner.
She became a nurse.
She bought chicken.
She didn't show up.
She gave it to him.
She goes to school.
She has brown eyes.
She has no manners.
She has short hair.
She has small feet.
She heard him sing.
She invited him in.
She is from France.
She is helping him.
She is kind to him.
She is kissing him.
She is pigeon-toed.
She is really cute.
She is very pretty.
She kept on crying.
She listens to him.
She lives with him.
She looked excited.
She looks lonesome.
She made him do it.
She made him happy.
She made me a cake.
She made me a star.
She makes me happy.
She picked flowers.
She pointed at him.
She sat next to me.
She threatened him.
She was making tea.
She's my classmate.
She's Tom's sister.
What does she have?
Does she play piano?
She agreed with him.
She became a singer.
She blackmailed him.
She boiled the eggs.
She called for help.
She can drive a car.
She danced with him.
She didn't like him.
She feels bad today.
She gave him a book.
She gave up smoking.
She has 2,000 books.
She has few friends.