I know her.
I love her.
He loves her.
He hugged her.
Give it to her.
I saw her home.
I saw her swim.
Do you know her?
He is her friend.
I don't love her.
She lost her way.
A dog bit her leg.
Her eyes are blue.
I agreed with her.
That is her house.
What's eating her?
Everyone likes her.
I wish I'd met her.
I'm angry with her.
I've never met her.
She ate her dinner.
Don't listen to her.
Everybody loves her.
He bought her a dog.
He used to love her.
I am engaged to her.
I'd like to see her.
I'm fed up with her.
She held her breath.
She laced her shoes.
She raised her hand.
She rubbed her eyes.
You can rely on her.
He accepted her gift.
I'm walking with her.
She raised her voice.
She sold him her car.
She told him her age.
You can count on her.
He ignored her advice.
I don't like her face.
I wish I had seen her.
Let's leave her alone.
She hated her husband.
The news made her sad.
What made her do that?
He is in love with her.
He loved her very much.
I asked her for a date.
I bought her a new car.
I have seen her before.
I was able to help her.
Mary oiled her bicycle.
She loves her children.
She showed me her room.
The man robbed her bag.
This CD belongs to her.
Tracy lost her glasses.
Ask her what she bought.
He made her a bookshelf.
I fell in love with her.
I made friends with her.
I saw tears in her eyes.
It was her that told me.
It was her turn at last.
Please say hello to her.
She is in her hotel now.
A dog bit her on the leg.
He fell in love with her.
Her car is two years old.
I gave in to her demands.
I telephoned her at once.
I want to make her happy.
I wanted to surprise her.
She disliked her husband.
She divorced her husband.
She kept her eyes closed.
She wiped away her tears.
Tomorrow is her birthday.
We felt sympathy for her.
A tear ran down her cheek.
Her hat looked very funny.
His smile put her at ease.
I accepted her invitation.
I asked her out on a date.
I was disappointed in her.
I'm beginning to hate her.
She knows her limitations.
She looked after her baby.
She looks like her mother.
The doctor gave it to her.
The wind blew her hat off.
Her books sell pretty well.
It was here that I saw her.
Linda stuck her tongue out.
Mary is helping her mother.
Mary looks like her mother.
She abandoned her children.
She asked him to marry her.
She put the key in her bag.
The news made her very sad.
What do you like about her?
Her dream is to visit Paris.
How did you get to know her?
I accompanied her on a walk.
I must help her at any cost.
I thanked Mary for her help.
I'm going to propose to her.
I'm seeing her this evening.
I'm starting to dislike her.
She didn't like her husband.
She has flowers in her hand.
She has him under her thumb.
Tom saved her from the fire.
All of her songs became hits.
Her feelings are easily hurt.
I explained the rules to her.
I remember seeing her before.
It was her fate to die young.
Mary is studying in her room.
Mary loses her temper easily.
She did her best to help him.
She has a flower in her hand.
She invited him to her party.
She left her children behind.
Have you known her since 1990?
Her car broke down on the way.
Her eyes were red from crying.
I advised her to come by 9:00.
I felt that I should help her.
I learned to live without her.
I met her on my way to school.
I said I would make her happy.
I talked with her for an hour.
I wonder what happened to her.
Mary has a flower in her hand.
She cut her hand with a knife.
She pointed her finger at him.
Where did you get to know her?
Why don't you drop her a line?
You will soon get to like her.
Ask her when he will come back.
Don't let him know her address.
He turned out to be her father.
I accompanied her on the piano.
I can't get her out of my mind.
I caught a glimpse of her face.
I gave her all the money I had.
I had to take care of her baby.
I offered to lend money to her.
I wrote her a letter every day.
She bought a toy for her child.
She did her best to rescue him.
She persuaded him to marry her.
She stood close to her husband.
She wants him to be her friend.
She was busy with her knitting.
She was clinging to her father.
According to her, he won't come.
Ann always keeps her room clean.
Don't let her go out after dark.
Everyone in her class likes her.
He secretly showed me her photo.
Her mother made her a new dress.
I don't think her story is true.
I often hear her play the piano.
I wish I had been with her then.
I'm expecting a letter from her.
She asked him to call her later.
She attacked him with her fists.
She cleaned her room in a hurry.
She lived with him all her life.
She prayed for her son's return.
She risked her life to save him.
The news filled her with sorrow.
Tom always finds fault with her.
We can depend on her to help us.
Why don't we drop by to see her?
He made up his mind to marry her.
He went to see her the other day.
Her red dress made her stand out.
Here comes Jane. Do you know her?
I talked to her on the telephone.
I'm sure I saw her two years ago.
If I were you, I would trust her.
She closely resembles her mother.
She did her best to persuade him.
She introduced her sister to him.
She introduced me to her brother.
She loved him with all her heart.
She put on her coat and went out.
She still depends on her parents.
We listened to her for some time.
According to her, he isn't coming.
Did you drive her home last night?
Do you think that dress suits her?
Every time I go there, I meet her.
He secretly showed me her picture.
How did you get to know about her?
I have nothing in common with her.