My father is in.
My father is out.
My father smokes.
My father is tall.
Your father is tall.
My father grows rice.
Where is your father?
Like father, like son.
My father loves pizza.
How old is your father?
Is his father a doctor?
My father is a teacher.
My father went fishing.
I wish to see my father.
Is your father a doctor?
My father seldom smokes.
He looks like his father.
His father calls him Tom.
Is your father a teacher?
My father is in his room.
What does your father do?
Go and sit by your father.
My father loves my mother.
My father swims very well.
My father was in the navy.
He is afraid of his father.
My father must do the work.
My father stopped drinking.
I'm very proud of my father.
My father is in his fifties.
My father runs a restaurant.
Your father seems very nice.
Are you proud of your father?
He is taller than his father.
I helped my father yesterday.
Tom is as tall as his father.
My father bought me a bicycle.
My father likes strong coffee.
He ignored his father's advice.
He turned out to be her father.
My father fixed a broken chair.
My father made me a nice lunch.
She was clinging to her father.
When did your father come home?
He closely resembles his father.
He has been like a father to me.
He is not as tall as his father.
My father drives a very old car.
My father sometimes goes abroad.
He's a carbon copy of his father.
I hear that his father is abroad.
My father is a bit old-fashioned.
My father does not eat much fruit.
My father is always getting angry.
She wanted him to help her father.
Do you know where your father went?
He's still sponging off his father.
My father is suffering from a cold.
My father retired at the age of 65.
He went there instead of his father.
She told him that her father had died.
She forgave him for killing her father.
He has taken over his father's business.
My father is very particular about food.
My father quickly scanned the newspaper.
He found his father lying in the kitchen.
He never listens to what his father says.
He told me that his father was a teacher.
I fell asleep before my father came home.
My father plans to go overseas next week.
My mother is making a cake for my father.
I'm looking forward to seeing your father.
My father has never been sick in his life.
My father is going to go abroad next week.
He found it difficult to please his father.
I don't know when my father will come back.
My father and mother have a big farm there.
My father used to drink till late at night.
He got over the shock of his father's death.
My father has never gotten sick in his life.
My father often goes to America on business.
A good coach is like a father to his players.
He named his son Robert after his own father.
I hear that his father is in another country.
My father always speaks in a very loud voice.
My father is busy getting ready for his trip.
She got over the shock of her father's death.
I have a friend whose father is a famous actor.
Are you closer to your mother or to your father?
She promised her father to be in time for lunch.
Don't pay any attention to what your father says.
Could you please tell me again who your father is?
She asked him to help her father clean the garage.
Her father never let her go to town with her friends.
She interrupted him while he was speaking to my father.
The other day I discovered a book written by my father.
Tom never fails to send a birthday present to his father.
She intends to play tennis this afternoon with her father.
I promise you I'll stay with you until your father arrives.
My father suggested that we go to the movies this afternoon.
After I graduated from college, I got a job with my father's company.
I wish that I could have spent more time with my father before he died.
She asked him to help her father clean the garage, but he said that he was too busy to help.