Keep out.
Keep in touch!
Keep in touch.
Keep the change.
Keep the dog out.
Keep to the right.
We must keep calm.
Keep off the grass.
Do you keep a diary?
Keep your eyes open.
Keep your room clean.
Please keep in touch.
You keep out of this.
Can you keep a secret?
Keep in touch with me.
Keep away from the dog.
I can't keep doing this.
Please keep me informed.
Please keep this secret.
I keep a diary in English.
Please keep the windows open.
They will keep their promise.
You must keep your room tidy.
How long can I keep this book?
She couldn't keep from crying.
You must keep your room clean.
I keep my hammer in the toolbox.
I promise you I'll keep you safe.
I promised him to keep it secret.
Keep your room as neat as you can.
Please keep my place in this line.
You can trust him to keep his word.
I tried everything to keep him alive.
She advised him to keep his promises.
I always keep a dictionary close at hand.
I believed that he would keep his promise.
I had to grab her to keep her from falling.
I want to keep my room as neat as possible.
As far as I know, they always keep their word.
I found it difficult to keep a diary every day.
I shouldn't have to tell you to keep your room clean.
His trip will keep him away from the office for a week.
I started a new blog. I'll do my best to keep it going.
You must keep in mind that she's much younger than you.
If you want to make your dreams come true, keep on trying.