I saw him.
I saw a dog.
I saw a plane.
I saw five men.
I saw her home.
I saw her swim.
Tom saw a doctor.
I saw him running.
I saw Tom play tennis.
I actually saw a ghost.
I saw a woman in black.
I saw him running away.
I saw him wash the car.
We saw nothing strange.
I saw him looking at me.
I saw tears in her eyes.
I never saw him in jeans.
I saw him enter the room.
Many friends saw him off.
It was here that I saw her.
She saw him at the station.
I saw a strange woman there.
I saw Jessie standing there.
Tom saw something red there.
I saw a town in the distance.
She saw a tall man yesterday.
She saw him break the window.
I saw a house with a red roof.
I saw my mother hide the cake.
She saw him eating a sandwich.
Joe and I saw a lion yesterday.
I saw a boy crossing the street.
She saw him driving his new car.
I'm sure I saw her two years ago.
I saw a dog swim across the river.
I saw a stranger enter that house.
I saw a white bird on my way home.
We saw a stranger enter the house.
We saw a stranger walking outside.
I saw many birds yesterday morning.
I saw my sister tear up the letter.
She testified that she saw the man.
I recognized Mary the moment I saw her.
I saw the picture you took of that fish.
He saw the accident on the way to school.
She was surprised when she saw the ghost.
As soon as she saw me, she started to cry.
As soon as she saw me, she burst out crying.
He saw Tom leave before the job was finished.
I saw the old man feed his dog chicken bones.
I saw a woman who I thought was Mary's mother.
I saw a man yesterday eating from a garbage can.
I saw a young boy crossing the street by himself.
He saw at a glance that his daughter had been crying.
We felt relieved when we saw a light in the distance.
As soon as the child saw his mother, he stopped crying.
What would you do if you saw a man from another planet?
I opened the door and saw two boys standing side by side.
She denied having met him even though we saw them talking to each other.
He says that he saw nothing. However, I don't believe what he says is the truth.