He felt at home.
I felt left out.
I felt very happy.
She felt like crying.
Tom felt very lonely.
She felt like dancing.
I felt like I was dead.
I felt like I would die.
I felt much more relaxed.
We felt sympathy for her.
I can imagine how you felt.
She felt like taking a walk.
I felt that I should help her.
I felt a sudden pain in my side.
She felt insecure about her future.
I never felt this way before I met you.
I felt for the light switch in the dark.
I felt refreshed after a swim in the pool.
I felt quite refreshed after taking a bath.
I felt very relieved when I heard the news.
I felt sorry for her when I heard her story.
Everybody in the building felt the earthquake.
We felt relieved when we saw a light in the distance.
When her husband died, she felt like committing suicide.
Mary felt happy when she learned the results of the election.
She advised him to stop taking that medicine, but he felt he needed to.