Good night.
It was night.
How was your night?
I stayed up all night.
It frosted last night.
It was hot last night.
I slept well last night.
Were you out last night?
She goes to night school.
What happened last night?
Did you go out last night?
I go to bed late at night.
I had a good night's rest.
I usually shower at night.
She calls him every night.
He let me stay for a night.
I cooked supper last night.
I had a good night's sleep.
Tom kept talking all night.
I stayed up late last night.
She attends school at night.
She read the book all night.
He came home late last night.
He stayed up late last night.
I slept very well last night.
My car was stolen last night.
She caught a cold last night.
She is working night and day.
I'm used to working all night.
Linda came home late at night.
He dropped in on me last night.
He tossed and turned all night.
I didn't eat dinner last night.
I wish she had come last night.
I'd like to stay for one night.
Mary stayed up late last night.
Did you hear my show last night?
Now it's time to say good night.
What happened to you last night?
I had a strange dream last night.
Did you drive her home last night?
He worked from morning till night.
Tom didn't have dinner last night.
When did you go to bed last night?
Why didn't you call me last night?
I had a dream about you last night.
I went to bed at twelve last night.
It took all night to climb Mt Fuji.
She got to the hotel late at night.
We had a very good time last night.
She promised to meet him last night.
I shouldn't have stayed up all night.
I gave him a ride in my car last night.
The news finally reached me last night.
I can't tell you what we did last night.
Tom gambled away a fortune in one night.
I heard my parents whispering last night.
The dog next door kept barking all night.
You were talking in your sleep last night.
I seem to have misplaced my key last night.
Mary said she was going to dance all night.
My father used to drink till late at night.
He sleeps during the day and works at night.
She warned him not to go out at night alone.
He was robbed when coming home late at night.
She heard him cry in the middle of the night.
Tom took his girlfriend out on Saturday night.
We watched the baseball game on TV last night.
He looked refreshed after a good night's sleep.
It was late at night when Tom finally got home.
I heard that you ate steak for dinner last night.
It's strange that she came home so late at night.
Are you seriously thinking about driving all night?
He practices playing the guitar until late at night.
I shouldn't have walked home late at night by myself.
I don't feel safe walking in that neighborhood at night.
She forgot that she had promised to call him last night.
She calls him every night and talks for at least an hour.
Thanks very much for having me to dinner the other night.
Last night was very hot and muggy, so I didn't sleep so well.
She promised to meet him last night, but she never showed up.
Last night was very hot and muggy and I didn't sleep very well.
I drank a lot and can't remember much of what happened last night.
She's signed up for a couple of night classes at the local college.
It's only when I can't sleep at night that the ticking of the clock bothers me.