It's too large.
America is very large.
We had a large audience.
His family is very large.
He lives in a large house.
She lives in a large house.
My family is not that large.
My family is not very large.
This building is very large.
This classroom is very large.
This place is large, isn't it?
John inherited a large fortune.
We want to have a large family.
Japan is not as large as Canada.
My family is not all that large.
He has a large family to support.
That old man caught a large fish.
He has a large house and two cars.
He has this large room to himself.
He left a large fortune to his son.
His room is twice as large as mine.
I've never seen such a large whale.
She has the large house to herself.
There used to be a large park here.
I don't enjoy traveling in large groups.
They say that a large dam will be built.
I ate a large pizza with a friend an hour ago.
I never thought I would have to support such a large family.
He anonymously donated a large sum of money to the Red Cross.