It's hot today.
The room is hot.
Tom likes hot curry.
It was hot yesterday.
It was hot last night.
It's really hot there.
You don't look so hot.
Today is extremely hot.
It's very hot, isn't it?
Will it be hot tomorrow?
I don't mind hot weather.
I don't mind if it's hot.
It's hot today, isn't it?
I think it will be hot today.
I'm sick of this hot weather.
Who wants some hot chocolate?
I want something hot to drink.
I can't stand this hot weather.
Do you have anything hot to drink?
The police knew it was a hot item.
We had a very hot summer this year.
She gave him something hot to drink.
I can't put up with this hot weather.
Please give me something hot to drink.
I just can't stand this hot weather anymore.
He complained about the room being too hot and humid.
Everybody in the park looked up at the hot air balloon.
Last night was very hot and muggy, so I didn't sleep so well.
Last night was very hot and muggy and I didn't sleep very well.
It's so hot outside that I want to spend all day in my air conditioned house.