Are you OK?
We are men.
Are you mad?
How are you?
Who are you?
Are you lost?
Are you sure?
We are happy.
Where are we?
You are late.
Are you ready?
Are you tired?
Where are you?
Are you hungry?
Are you excited?
Are you kidding?
Are you serious?
Lemons are sour.
They are actors.
They are pretty.
We are his sons.
Are they friends?
Are you a doctor?
Are you Japanese?
Are you new here?
Cherries are red.
How are you, Tom?
My eyes are sore.
Those are my CDs.
All men are equal.
Are you a student?
Are you all right?
Her eyes are blue.
His eyes are blue.
My eyes are tired.
Prices are rising.
They are in class.
We are not amused.
When are you busy?
You are a teacher.
Are you going, too?
Are you in a hurry?
My parents are old.
The lights are out.
The waves are high.
These dogs are big.
They are both good.
Those are my books.
What are you doing?
Where are you from?
Why are you crying?
You are very brave.
Are you on Facebook?
Are you ready to go?
His shoes are brown.
I know you are rich.
Prices are going up.
The apples are ripe.
We are very similar.
What are they after?
What are they doing?
Where are you going?
You are a good cook.
You are quite a man.
Are you able to swim?
Are you free tonight?
Colds are contagious.
He and I are cousins.
My eyes are watering.
They are good people.
Those apples are big.
Those houses are big.
Visitors are welcome.
What are you cooking?
What are you reading?
Where are my glasses?
You are not Japanese.
Are they all the same?
Are you an only child?
Are you free tomorrow?
Are you sleeping, Tom?
How late are you open?
Those are my trousers.
Those photos are hers.
Tom and I are friends.
What are the symptoms?
Where are the showers?
Whose shoes are those?
Are you going to be OK?
Foxes are wild animals.
They are playing chess.
What are you two doing?
Where are your manners?
Why are you busy today?
You are very beautiful.
Are you free on Tuesday?
Are you good at cooking?
Are you ready to go out?
Are you referring to me?
Sam, what are you doing?
They are about to start.
They are gathering nuts.
What are you looking at?
What are you staring at?
You are in a safe place.
All of them are not poor.
All the seats are booked.
Are you losing your mind?
Are you studying English?
Are you writing a letter?
Clearly you are mistaken.
Do you know who they are?
They are very big apples.
We are moving next month.
What are you going to do?
When are you coming back?
Who do you think you are?
You are absolutely right.
Mary and Jane are cousins.
Some snakes are poisonous.
That girl's eyes are blue.
The workers are on strike.
There are no comments yet.
They are both in the room.
What are you going to see?
What are you trying to do?
Are you a Japanese citizen?
Are you afraid of the dark?
Are you going to sing here?
Are you going to stay long?
Are you having a good time?
Are you old enough to vote?
Are you ready for the trip?
Eggs are sold by the dozen.
Kim and I are the same age.
The leaves are turning red.
The seats are all sold out.
Tom and I are good friends.
We are about to leave here.
What are you lining up for?
What are you talking about?
Why are you angry with him?
Why are you looking so sad?
Why are you so tired today?
You and I are the same age.
You are always complaining.
Are you a creature of habit?
Are you done with the paper?
Are you happy in your house?
Are you sure of your answer?
Both of my parents are dead.
The days are growing longer.
They are both good teachers.
Those houses are my uncle's.
We are going to have a baby.
What are your weekend plans?
When are you going to leave?
Where are your credit cards?
You are as white as a sheet.
You are wanted on the phone.
Are you close to your family?
Are you proud of your father?
Both of them are in the room.
Her feelings are easily hurt.
The church bells are ringing.
We are going to have a storm.
We are in favor of your plan.
What are you into these days?
What line of work are you in?
Why are you drying your hair?
Why are you holding my hands?
Are you a high school student?
Are you gonna help me or what?
Oranges are rich in vitamin C.
The clouds are getting darker.
Tom and John are good friends.
Two students are absent today.
We are staying at our uncle's.
You and he are both very kind.
Are you for or against my plan?
Are you happy with your weight?
Are you prepared for the worst?
Are you quite certain about it?
Are you through with the paper?
I hear you are good at cooking.
Strawberries are in season now.
There are many kinds of coffee.
Three people are still missing.
Tom and Frank are good friends.
Trains are running on schedule.
What are you going to do today?
Where are you planning to stay?
Are there any bears around here?
Are you finished with your work?
Are you for or against his idea?
Are you happy with how you look?
Both countries are now at peace.
The two of them are in the room.
There are many rats on the ship.
These men are used to hard work.