I ate caviar.
I ate too much.
She ate her dinner.
We ate some apples.
I ate a hasty lunch.
I quickly ate lunch.
I ate lunch in a hurry.
She hardly ate anything.
He ate a box of chocolates.
Everyone ate the same thing.
I ate a nutritious breakfast.
The family ate dinner together.
I am afraid I ate something bad.
I ate a burger then went to bed.
We ate fresh fruit after dinner.
For three weeks, he ate nothing at all.
He ate rice twice a day for many years.
I don't like that fat kid who ate your lunch.
I ate a large pizza with a friend an hour ago.
I heard that you ate steak for dinner last night.
Can you remember the first time you ate at this restaurant?
Hundreds of soldiers ate in silence around their campfires.
As we ate our meal, we talked about what we had done that day.
I put some cookies on the table and the kids ate them right up.
Even though there were many cookies on the dish, I only ate three.