He ran.
He runs.
Who is he?
He gave in.
He is kind.
He is nice.
He is sick.
He's smart.
He can come.
He has guts.
He is lying.
He is smart.
He stood up.
He's not in.
He's strong.
He got angry.
He has a car.
He is French.
He loves her.
He was alone.
He was brave.
He hugged her.
He shot at me.
He tries hard.
He's studying.
He came by bus.
He came by car.
He doesn't lie.
He hated lying.
He is a writer.
He is outgoing.
He looks young.
He loves music.
He sang a song.
He seems tired.
He was at home.
He was patient.
He's an author.
Is he Japanese?
Has he come yet?
He began to run.
He felt at home.
He has gone out.
He has ten cows.
He is a painter.
He is a teacher.
He is unmarried.
He is very kind.
He just arrived.
He likes to run.
He lost his job.
He loves trains.
He walks slowly.
He was standing.
He writes books.
He's a comedian.
Is he a teacher?
Is he breathing?
What did he say?
He became famous.
He broke the law.
He fell backward.
He gave it to me.
He has long legs.
He hates spiders.
He is a kind boy.
He is her friend.
He is my brother.
He is still here.
He likes oranges.
He likes to swim.
He looks healthy.
He must be tired.
He must love you.
He ran into debt.
He slept an hour.
He slept soundly.
He turned around.
He's intelligent.
Is he still here?
Will he get well?
Does he live here?
He came back soon.
He came in person.
He dropped a vase.
He has blond hair.
He has three sons.
He helped me move.
He is about forty.
He is at his desk.
He is still alive.
He is still angry.
He is still young.
He is very honest.
He is watching TV.
He keeps his word.
He keeps two cats.
He lives above me.
He made a mistake.
He made me a suit.
He ordered a beer.
He owns this land.
He runs very fast.
He speaks English.
He struck a match.
He threw the ball.
He took a day off.
He turned the key.
He was very happy.
He will come soon.
He's a big coward.
He's already left.
He's just arrived.
He's looking good.
He's studying now.
He's swimming now.
Do as he tells you.
He acted foolishly.
He arrived in time.
He came downstairs.
He came here again.
He can't buy a car.
He closed the door.
He did a cartwheel.
He doesn't like us.
He hasn't come yet.
He is about my age.
He is about thirty.
He is sure to come.
He is very careful.
He kept me waiting.
He kicked the ball.
He lied to my face.
He loves traveling.
He loves traveling.
He remained silent.
He skipped a grade.
He started singing.
He was fast asleep.
He was heartbroken.
He went by bicycle.
He works at a bank.
He'll be here soon.
He's a good person.
Whose friend is he?
Has he failed again?
He accepted my idea.
He accepted the job.
He asked for a beer.
He became irritated.
He bought her a dog.
He can be relied on.
He can play a flute.
He designed the car.
He had already gone.
He had just arrived.
He had one daughter.
He has his own room.
He is about my size.
He is taking a walk.
He is very handsome.
He lives off campus.
He looks suspicious.
He must be homesick.
He must be innocent.
He reached his goal.
He runs a shoe shop.
He sat on the bench.
He seems to know us.
He shined his shoes.
He stuck to his job.
He took off his hat.
He used to love her.
He was born in Ohio.
He was disappointed.
He was very patient.
He will not say yes.
He works for a bank.
He wrote the report.
He'll return at six.
He's a late bloomer.
He's really selfish.
Why did he run away?
Can he speak English?
He accepted her gift.
He achieved his goal.
He acted as my guide.
He and I are cousins.
He attained his goal.
He came to my rescue.
He can be counted on.
He committed suicide.
He died one year ago.
He doesn't sing well.
He doesn't tell lies.
He easily gets angry.
He found his parents.
He has a good memory.
He has strange ideas.
He is a good athlete.