I played tennis.
I can play tennis.
Do you like tennis?
I'm good at tennis.
She's good at tennis.
I saw Tom play tennis.
Playing tennis is fun.
Tom can't play tennis.
I like tennis very much.
I'd like to play tennis.
She intends to play tennis.
She plays tennis very well.
We played tennis yesterday.
I play tennis an hour a day.
Playing tennis is his hobby.
She is good at playing tennis.
Playing tennis is a lot of fun.
She used to play tennis with him.
Tom is a very good tennis player.
I will play tennis this afternoon.
I can't play tennis as well as Tom.
Betty challenged me to a game of tennis.
I hear that you are a good tennis player.
He went fishing instead of playing tennis.
I'd like to play tennis with you some day.
Were you playing tennis yesterday morning?
I am going to play tennis in the afternoon.
Jane may be playing tennis with my brother.
Ken and Joe went to the park to play tennis.
I'm confident that I'll win the tennis match.
He has been playing tennis since this morning.
She intends to play tennis tomorrow afternoon.
Tom is in charge of this year's tennis tournament.
She intends to play tennis this afternoon with her father.
I usually take a shower after I play tennis, but today I couldn't.