She came last.
Tom arrived last.
I moved last month.
I retired last year.
I bought it last week.
It frosted last night.
It was hot last night.
This is the last game.
She was born last year.
I slept well last night.
It was her turn at last.
Were you out last night?
He came back last August.
He missed the last train.
What happened last night?
Did you go out last night?
I cooked supper last night.
I was in London last month.
Ken was in Japan last year.
She divorced him last year.
I started sailing last year.
I stayed up late last night.
We went to London last year.
We were very busy last week.
What did you do last Sunday?
Did you go to the last class?
He came home late last night.
He stayed up late last night.
How long will the storm last?
I slept very well last night.
My car was stolen last night.
My wife had a baby last week.
She caught a cold last night.
Where did you go last Sunday?
Where did you live last year?
At last, the baby fell asleep.
I caught a bad cold last week.
I relaxed at home last Sunday.
When was the last time we met?
He dropped in on me last night.
I didn't eat dinner last night.
I waited until the last minute.
I wish she had come last night.
Mary stayed up late last night.
We had a lot of rain last year.
We had a lot of snow last year.
We moved to New York last fall.
Did you hear my show last night?
How do you spell your last name?
How do you write your last name?
I changed my address last month.
Tom was sick in bed last Sunday.
What happened to you last night?
He is the last man I want to see.
I had a strange dream last night.
Did you drive her home last night?
He was in good health last summer.
There was a lot of snow last year.
Tom didn't have dinner last night.
When did you go to bed last night?
Why didn't you call me last night?
I forgot that I met her last month.
I had a dream about you last night.
I had him paint the gate last week.
I went to bed at twelve last night.
Paul made a lot of money last year.
We had a very good time last night.
I spent last Sunday reading a novel.
She promised to meet him last night.
The long war came to an end at last.
How long will this cold weather last?
I ran into Mary at a party last week.
I started learning Chinese last week.
I gave him a ride in my car last night.
I ran into Mary at the party last week.
She went shopping with him last Monday.
The news finally reached me last night.
Her older sister got married last month.
I can't tell you what we did last night.
She learned to ride a bicycle last year.
She traveled around the world last year.
Tommy couldn't answer the last question.
I heard my parents whispering last night.
My mother has been sick since last month.
She has been absent since last Wednesday.
This novel isn't as good as his last one.
My association with them didn't last long.
You were talking in your sleep last night.
I seem to have misplaced my key last night.
At last, he became aware of his own mistakes.
I went to Vienna for the first time last year.
We watched the baseball game on TV last night.
I met him last week for the first time in ages.
I shouldn't have drunk that last bottle of beer.
I've made the same mistakes as I made last time.
I heard that you ate steak for dinner last night.
How much money did you spend on your last holiday?
She told him that she had seen me there last week.
Last Sunday, Mary and I went to the library together.
She forgot that she had promised to call him last night.
I missed the last train, so I had to walk all the way home.
Last night was very hot and muggy, so I didn't sleep so well.
She promised to meet him last night, but she never showed up.
He doesn't like to wait until the last moment to do something.
When Mary reached the bus stop, the last bus had already left.
He went to the store at the last minute, just before it closed.
Last night was very hot and muggy and I didn't sleep very well.
I spent a great deal of time dealing with that problem last week.
I drank a lot and can't remember much of what happened last night.
Tom has been convicted of drunken driving twice in the last four years.
I knew I shouldn't have put off doing my homework until the last minute.
Last year, I couldn't spend as much time with my children as I wanted to.
Tom served five days in jail last year after pleading guilty to drunken driving.
Last year, I spent so much time by myself that I almost forgot how to communicate effectively with others.