It's on me.
I'm on a diet.
I count on Tom.
Put your hat on.
The light is on.
Don't tell on me.
Get on the horse.
She is on a diet.
We depend on you.
What is going on?
I went on reading.
Turn on the radio.
We play on Sunday.
I will go on ahead.
I worked on a farm.
I'm free on Sunday.
She kept on crying.
Slip on your shoes.
Are you on Facebook?
Don't climb on this!
He can be relied on.
He sat on the bench.
She kept on talking.
She kept on working.
She went on working.
Tom lay on his back.
Try on this sweater.
We lay on the grass.
We traveled on foot.
What is on the desk?
You can rely on her.
You can rely on him.
Can I turn on the TV?
He can be counted on.
He is now on his own.
I hit on a good idea.
I met Tom on the way.
I put on my trousers.
I'm depending on you.
Let's meet on Sunday.
She took pity on him.
She went on speaking.
She's gone on a trip.
The house is on fire.
Tom is never on time.
We'll meet on Sunday.
What's going on here?
You can count on her.
You can count on him.
Don't leave the TV on.
He hit me on the head.
He's away on business.
I acted on his advice.
I am here on business.
I'd bet my life on it.
I'm leaving on Sunday.
This is based on fact.
We're on our way home.
What is on Channel 10?
Will you go on a trip?
Come on! We'll be late.
He jumped on the train.
He lay down on the bed.
I got on the wrong bus.
I turned on the lights.
Ken hit on a good idea.
Let's begin on page 30.
Lie on your right side.
The boy sat on a chair.
They agreed on a price.
Are you free on Tuesday?
Don't put it on my desk.
Don't put it on my desk.
Don't take it out on me.
He lives on this street.
He traveled on business.
I'd better be on my way.
Oil will float on water.
They will agree on that.
A dog bit her on the leg.
Can I try on this jacket?
Come on any day you like.
Could I sit on the aisle?
Do you have a pen on you?
Have you ever been on TV?
I got on the wrong train.
I like to ride on trains.
I see a bird on the roof.
Please turn on the radio.
She met him on the beach.
The train got in on time.
Was he lying on his back?
What do you do on Sunday?
Your book is on the desk.
Come on! Give me a chance.
Do you deliver on Sundays?
Don't look down on others.
He was sitting on a bench.
I asked her out on a date.
I will act on your advice.
It depends on the context.
The train arrived on time.
The workers are on strike.
Turn on the light, please.
We'd better get a move on.
What do you do on Sundays?
Write on every other line.
You're on the right track.
Your watch is on the desk.
He's a man you can rely on.
His joy showed on his face.
I am never free on Sundays.
I live on the bottom floor.
I was born on June 4, 1974.
Lie down on your left side.
See the footnote on page 5.
This drink is on the house.
What will you do on Friday?
Did you do this on your own?
Do you go to school on foot?
I accompanied her on a walk.
I arrived at school on time.
I feel like going on a trip.
I was born on April 3, 1950.
I've put on weight recently.
Is there a cat on the table?
She asked him out on a date.
She called him on the phone.
She decided on the red coat.
She kissed him on the cheek.
There is a book on the desk.
You are wanted on the phone.
You can always count on Tom.
You can't count on his help.
Don't put books on the table.
He hit his head on the shelf.
I want something to write on.
Look at the notes on page 10.
My car broke down on the way.
Please go on with your story.
They were lying on the grass.
This car runs on natural gas.
Tom concentrated on his work.
Will the train leave on time?
Bill turned on the television.
Can I carry this on the plane?
Don't rely too much on others.
Give me something to write on.
He had to work even on Sunday.
He hung a picture on the wall.
He knocked on the closed door.
Her car broke down on the way.
How long does it take on foot?
I accompanied him on the trip.
I am never at home on Sundays.
I met her on my way to school.
I met Tom on my way to school.
I was out of town on vacation.
Streetcars run on electricity.
The Diet will meet on Tuesday.
The train arrived on schedule.
There is a melon on the table.
There is an apple on the desk.
They acted on the information.
When the bus came, she got on.
Where did you get on this bus?
Your collar has a stain on it.
A cat was sitting on the chair.
Don't step on the broken glass.
He dropped in on me last night.
He had decided on a new policy.
He had his socks on inside out.
He is acting on his own behalf.
He is the richest man on earth.
He set out on a lonely journey.
He was a great influence on me.
He was born on July 28th, 1888.
He's always at home on Sundays.
I accompanied her on the piano.
I agree with him on that point.
I agree with you on this point.
I am the happiest man on earth.
I don't go to school on Sunday.
I often talk to him on the bus.
My dog often lies on the grass.
She advised him on that matter.
She held on to my hand tightly.
She kissed him on the forehead.
She sat next to him on the bus.
There is an apple on the table.
Trains are running on schedule.
We skipped his turn on purpose.
We've really got to step on it.
Do you go to school on Saturday?
Do you have school on Saturdays?
He held on firmly to the branch.
I agreed with him on that point.
I am not always free on Sundays.
I am on speaking terms with Tom.
She accompanied me on the piano.