He got angry.
She got angry.
Don't be angry.
Don't get angry.
He is still angry.
She must be angry.
Grace looked angry.
I'm angry with her.
He easily gets angry.
He is angry with you.
He really makes me angry.
Why did you get so angry?
What he said made us angry.
Why are you angry with him?
Tom heard this and got angry.
Tom got angry at the children.
Do you know why she's so angry?
He was so angry he couldn't speak.
My father is always getting angry.
I'm afraid that I might make you angry.
I don't like people who get angry easily.
She was so angry that she could not speak.
She said nothing that would make him angry.
Tom got angry with the high school students.
She looked at him and knew that he was angry.
You should make sure that you don't make Tom angry.