I'm busy.
I'm busy now.
I'm very busy.
You look busy.
You seem busy.
I have been busy.
She is very busy.
She was very busy.
When are you busy?
I was busy all day.
I'm very busy today.
They have been busy.
She's as busy as Tom.
I'm busy all the time.
I'll be busy next week.
I'm busy at the moment.
Why are you busy today?
I'm very busy this week.
Were you busy yesterday?
He was very busy all day.
I'm busy with my homework.
I'm now busy writing a book.
She was busy with housework.
We were very busy last week.
I'll be very busy next month.
I know that she has been busy.
I'm sorry, I'm busy right now.
She was busy with her knitting.
He has been very busy this week.
I'm busy preparing for the trip.
I'm very busy so don't count on me.
I phoned Mary, but the line was busy.
I can't go with you because I'm very busy.
My father is busy getting ready for his trip.
I've been very busy since the new term started.
She intended to go shopping with her mother, but her mother was busy.
She asked him to help her father clean the garage, but he said that he was too busy to help.