I want to catch the 11:45.
I catch the flu every year.
I have to catch that train.
I've got to catch some Z's.
I didn't catch what he said.
He'll soon catch up with Tom.
I couldn't catch what he said.
Be careful not to catch a cold.
I'll show you how to catch fish.
I had to run to catch up with Tom.
I often catch colds in the winter.
Will he be able to catch the train?
I advised her to catch a morning train.
I hurried in order to catch the first train.
She didn't run fast enough to catch the bus.
I didn't quite catch the name of that designer.
Take a sweater with you so you don't catch a cold.
Bill got up early in order to catch the first train.
I didn't want to catch a cold, so I didn't go skiing.
She ran very fast to catch up with the other members.
She walked as fast as she could to catch up with him.
She advised him to catch the first train in the morning.
I didn't want the baby to catch a cold, so I closed the window.
I managed to catch the 8 o'clock train by running all the way to the station.