The sun is up.
That's the way.
Turn up the TV.
Call the police!
Keep the change.
Open the bottle.
The boy is kind.
The dog is dead.
The leaves fell.
The light is on.
The room is hot.
Turn off the TV.
Get on the horse.
He broke the law.
I play the piano.
Keep the dog out.
The bill, please.
The book is easy.
The car is ready.
The curtain fell.
The curtain rose.
The dog is dying.
The dog is white.
The food is cold.
The sky is clear.
Turn off the gas.
We lost the game.
Beware of the dog!
Clean up the room.
Deal us the cards.
He threw the ball.
He turned the key.
I am the same age.
I play the violin.
I won the lottery.
I'll pay the bill.
Is the bath clean?
Is the bath ready?
Keep to the right.
Put out the light.
She's in the bath.
Tell me the truth.
The doorbell rang.
The meeting ended.
The pain has gone.
The river is wide.
The room was warm.
Tom drove the car.
Turn on the radio.
What is the story?
What's the matter?
Where is the pain?
Come into the room.
He closed the door.
He kicked the ball.
Here comes the bus.
Keep off the grass.
The alarm went off.
The area was quiet.
The baby is crying.
The baby was naked.
The damage is done.
The earth is round.
The fog has lifted.
The ice has melted.
The ice is melting.
The lights are out.
The sky brightened.
The sun is shining.
The tree fell down.
The waves are high.
Turn off the alarm.
Turn off the light.
Turn off the radio.
Turn the volume up.
Was the movie good?
We swam in the sea.
Where's the museum?
Who broke the vase?
You broke the rule.
He accepted the job.
He designed the car.
He sat on the bench.
He wrote the report.
I stared at the man.
Please air the room.
Roll the ball to me.
She boiled the eggs.
The apples are ripe.
The boys kept quiet.
The dog bit my hand.
The law was changed.
The man took my arm.
The room was locked.
The server was down.
The train just left.
Tom is in the house.
Turn the radio down.
We lay on the grass.
We must pay the tax.
We obeyed the rules.
We swam in the lake.
What is in the desk?
What is on the desk?
What is the problem?
What's the bus fare?
Who stole the apple?
Can I turn on the TV?
Don't let the dog in.
Have you fed the dog?
He turned the corner.
Here comes the train.
How deep is the lake?
I met Tom on the way.
I paid him the money.
I rejected the offer.
John started the car.
Let's split the bill.
Mary plays the piano.
Please shut the door.
She quit the company.
That is the bus stop.
The boy began to cry.
The car is very fast.
The house is burning.
The house is on fire.
The mail has arrived.
The woman is reading.
Tom broke the window.
We named the dog Tim.
Where is the station?
All the eggs went bad.
Are they all the same?
Call me at the office.
Can I turn off the TV?
Don't leave the TV on.
He adopted the orphan.
He came into the room.
He hit me on the head.
He is the tallest boy.
He let go of the rope.
How was the math test?
I am near the station.
I didn't get the joke.
I found the book easy.
I got out of the taxi.
I hid under the table.
I live in the country.
I turned the doorknob.
I'll show you the way.
I'm busy all the time.
I'm used to the noise.
Let's ask the teacher.
Let's get off the bus.
Let's not do the work.
Let's start the party.
Please close the door.
Please go to the bank.
She acted in the play.
She weeded the garden.
The brake didn't work.
The clock has stopped.
The kettle is boiling.
The news made her sad.
The pain was terrible.
The secret leaked out.
The soap hurt my eyes.
The sun has gone down.
The train has arrived.
This is the last game.
We agreed to the plan.
What are the symptoms?
What'd the doctor say?
Where are the showers?
You may take the book.
You'll miss the train.
Can you play the piano?
Could I have the check?
Did you finish the job?
Did you like the movie?
Did you watch the game?
Do you know the reason?
He can play the guitar.
He got the first prize.
He jumped on the train.
He lay down on the bed.
He went to the dentist.
He's afraid of the sea.
How do I open the hood?
I can't stand the cold.
I got on the wrong bus.
I have heard the story.
I saw him wash the car.
I turned off the radio.
I turned on the lights.
I was in the mountains.
I'm busy at the moment.
I'm living in the city.
It's across the street.
It's October the third.