I go every year.
I run every day.
Tony runs every day.
I shave every morning.
He watches TV every day.
Study English every day.
She calls him every night.
Write on every other line.
I catch the flu every year.
I play golf every so often.
Ken plays soccer every day.
She cooks for him every day.
She greets him every morning.
She writes to him every week.
He runs in the park every day.
He takes a bath every morning.
I go shopping every other day.
I go to work by car every day.
I know every inch of the town.
I write in my diary every day.
He walks his dog every morning.
I wrote her a letter every day.
She called him every other day.
Does he study English every day?
I go for a walk every other day.
I go to work every day by train.
We use a lot of water every day.
Every time they talk, they argue.
I get up at six almost every day.
I hear from my friend every year.
Tom gets up at six every morning.
Every door in the house is locked.
Every time I go there, I meet her.
He drinks a lot of milk every day.
I hear from my mother every month.
What time do you get up every day?
I hear from him every now and then.
My family goes skiing every winter.
She wakes him up every day at 6:30.
Every town in America has a library.
Kate drinks a lot of milk every day.
There is an exception to every rule.
I took my temperature every six hours.
She called him every bad name she knew.
She has a bottle of milk every morning.
He stays a long time every time he comes.
He fed his dog at the same time every day.
I bought every book on Japan I could find.
She advised him to get exercise every day.
He decided to write in his diary every day.
He writes to his mother every now and then.
I come home from work about seven every day.
He played golf every day during his vacation.
How much time do you spend shaving every day?
She goes to the supermarket every three days.
I feed my cat every morning and every evening.
Mary called him every name she could think of.
She went to see him in the hospital every day.
I found it difficult to keep a diary every day.
I'll have to work overtime every day next week.
I feed my dog two cups of dog food every evening.
I wish the subway wasn't so crowded every morning.
She spends time with her grandmother every Sunday.
I found it necessary to get up early every morning.
I have practiced piano every day for fifteen years.
He made up his mind to write in his diary every day.
He made a resolution to write in his diary every day.
I don't think I'd mind eating Chinese food every day.
Mary goes to that restaurant for lunch every other day.
The man next door said he goes for a jog every morning.
He used to eat out every day, but now he can't afford it.
She calls him every night and talks for at least an hour.
She wasn't wealthy enough to feed her dog meat every day.
Do you think that eating breakfast every day is important?
She cooks for him every day, but he doesn't appreciate it.
How much time does the average teenager watch TV every day?
How many suicides do you think there are every year in Japan?
She greets him every morning as he enters the school building.
Tom didn't use to like red wine, but now he drinks it almost every day.
Every time cigarettes go up in price, many people try to give up smoking.
I've heard that it is best to always feed your dog at a specific time every day.
Every student who has graduated from our university has studied English with a native speaker for at least two years.